Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday is here!

Yay! It's Friday! We're off to the waterfalls at er, I have no idea where. But yes. We are going there! haha. You can read from my cousin's blog, Shanie. They went there the first time. Then my mum knew about it. We were like. "WHY NEVER INVITE US HUH!!!" Lolx. So they are following us again. And also cause they really enjoyed it! Will put up pictures on that day! I mean after that of course!

My colleague Julia, who sits next to me just passed me this magazine, FACES. Oooooh. This month issue are on Weddings! They have contests like to win a 5 day 4 night trip to MONACO! For honeymoon. And so many more. I wish I was getting married. Lolx. You can even win an engagement ring worth RM5k. (I would obviously want mine to cost more. Stan take note please. Lolx)

And I was flipping through everything. They totally cover almost all the details on wedding stuff. I really like the photographers part. Where they show like 3-4 pictures they have taken. It's so beautiful!
I can't imagine myself doing all that. But oh well. I guess when you are ready, then its nothing.
Oh! You can check out this website also.
They all the tips on weddings held in asia. Really interesting.

Sigh* All this wedding talk. Can't wait to attend for Wen's wedding next month. And shit. I forgot when is it again. hahahahaha. Wen. Can you tell me again. But I doubt you're reading my blog. But oh well.

So anyway. Was looking at some cakes and remembered that I gotta get one of my "partners" to come and sponsor cupcakes and teach children to decorate the cakes with icing. Will soooo be going for that when it falls through. Here are some of her cakes.

These two are my personal favourite! Lolx. I really like the castle thingy. And I've seend boobie cakes but not ones with nipples on it! She even has a guy's bod. With his *ahem* kinda bulging out at the bottom. Lolx! I saw it somewhere on her blog. Just can't find it now. This is her website.

You should check it out! It's really nice! Her prices are alright. Doesn't seem too bad. Really want to order one next time. Maybe I shall order this for Stan's birthday. oooh. Or maybe I should just make a paintball marker with pellets or something. Ooooh. ya! K. Great idea. His birthday is in another 94 days time. Plenty of time. I think.

My hands are freezing in the office now. So damn freaking cold. I need my winter jacket in here! Lolx. AND GLOVES!!! That will be perfect. With nice steaming hot chocolate and floating marsheymellows on top of it. Oooooh! Cosy. Lolx. Like that, I don't have to work de.

Ok. Have to pack some stuff and ready some stuff to send to some outlets. Going to drop it of all there later. To One Utama and The Curve!

Oh yes. Do any of you follow my tweets? Hehe. Just asking, just wondering!

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