Friday, June 4, 2010

I hate to do Titles and SCRIPTs!

I'm having a headache at work now. Friggin emcee script. Didn't know it can actually be this hard. I like to work on points and then just go with the flow. I don't like scripts! But I have to anyway. Or I'll get super nervous and have no friggin idea what I just said. Or might say something wrong.

Just finished a simple proposal for a Storytelling competition to be held at the bookstore and actually the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia came to maybe collaborate with us and such. We decided to give a better prize to attract more participants. Also to be held at JB and Penang. Finals will be obviously at the Museum. They are doing this in conjunction with an exhibition they will be having. Its the Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals. I saw some pictures of it. It was like from the 15th 16th century?

This exhibition has been travelling around the world like the British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY), Musee Du Lourve, Paris. And now it is actually in Singapore at the Asian Civisations Museum. So this coming July, it will be in Malaysia.

So they want to have this storytelling competition as one of the activities for this super expensive exhibition.

Trying to make the competition on a bigger scale. So hopefully they will like the proposal. Just gave it to my boss to check on it. Waiting for her approval.

Later, will be going down to Subang Parade to look at the area and see how big it is so we can put the carpet and the mini stage. Then on the way, I have to go to MPH Distributors to get some of my storytelling stuff. Then have to go Mid Valley for a meeting with some magazine publishers that does the Disney magazines.

Tomorrow got a storytelling session to do. And the school holidays are going to start tomorrow. So nice. I wish we have like work holiday too. Lolx!

Back to work.

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