Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lunchy lunch!

Stan came to look for me today. For lunch! It brightens up me day when I have lunch with him~ I mean, I don't know. I see him like everyday. But when you start work. It takes up 11 hours of your day. Inclusive of driving to and fro. you need 8 hours of sleep. That leaves you more or less of 6 hours. When you get home. It takes at least an hour to drag myself in the shower. That leaves more or less 3-4 hours. 3 to 4 hrs. Sheesh. Its so not enough. I mean. By the time HE gets home. Its like super late.

And so. Imagine 5 days of these shit. Sigh. Stan. Can you get rich. Marry me. And I can just live happily waiting for you to come home from work. Of course, I will need to shop in the afternoons. What the hell you want me to do in the afternoon! HAahahaa. Yea I wish la.

So ya. Its nice to have lunch with your love ones in the middle of your work day. It kinda relieves your stress or whatever shit you're going through at work. I don't know. As long as it is a new face, not the same ones I have to see everyday. So ya. Friends. Come brighten up me day toooo!


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