Sunday, June 27, 2010

Paintball weee~

Went to play paintball today! It's all cause of my stupid bf. It's been 2 whole freaking weeks or more. He has been talking nothing but paintball. And cause of that. I'm kinda hooked on it now. If you have seen me pictures on fb. You'll see my bruises! Ouch!

But am quite disappointed that i couldn't 'chung' in front. But oh well. There's next time! Really want to get a mask now. I used the house mask. I couldnt really see properly no matter how much I wiped it. Ugh!

There was one time, I got hit. I was calling "OUt!" ANd they still kept shooting me. They shot my marker and my mask. Straight away splatter my face and my mouth. The bloody paint tasted so damn bitter. Kept spitting out the paint. Gross.

Now I wanna go check out which masks I can get. Whoopeedoo~

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