Friday, June 4, 2010

A Night out on a School Night! Lolx!

So now I'm at work. Reached here at about 7.47am. Super early of cause for me. My work starts at 8.15am. I want to cry cause of my freaking emcee script. I'm not sure how to write it. And it's too early for me to think now. Need to get into it before starting it.

Yesterday night, went to Mont Kiara to look see at Elaine's shop and also to collect some clothes we bought from her. Hang around till they close shop. Nothing to do cause had to wait for ming to meet her at Movida. And at that time, couldn't get her. So anyway, we decided to go to Bad Savanh to have a drink before heading to Movida.

It was me, Amelyn and Esther. Elaine and Ryan went home. I think cause Ryan was really tired. Bar Savanh was having free flow of cocktails to ladies. Amelyn and Esther tried this drink called Pink Perfection - Gin, Lime, Strawberry & Sprite. And I tired their Long Island Tea to see if its good. Got our drinks and sat at the side, near the toilet. Lolx. Didn't want to sit near to this bunch of old uncle who kept staring over. Ugh!

Tried my drink and oh em gee. Just one sip of it, I wanted to pour my drink away. Esther kept telling me to take my drink and pour it down the sink. Since we were sitting next to the toilet. But too lazy. And Amelyn didn't really want to drink hers, so ya. There was a band playing and the singer was really good. There was a guy and a girl. Both of them were good. But we liked the Girl's voice. And somehow she reminded me of Liz. When Liz was in her dancing times during college, the way she dressed. Ya.

So, after my few sips and Esther gulped hers down. We went to Hartamas Square for makan. I feel so nostalgic being there. I really missed those times when we would go there EVERY WEEKEND! Just to either shisha, play pool or foos. Now its like. Aih. It was quite empty. Amelyn had the aglio olio. We used to order this all the time. And it wasn't that nice already. Esther had char kuey teow. I had to finish for her too. We even ordered nachos for 3 bucks. And we were conned!!!! It was just freaking Chachos. And the salsa sauce was like tomato mix a bit of chili sauce and jalapeno. So ya.

Got a message from Ming saying she was at TTDI de. Rushed off to Movida. Oh its in Sunway Giza la the place. Got there. And it felt like I waited for a bottle to arrive for like an hour. It felt like it. But don't really know the exact time we waited standing there. Ming's friends were sorta hyper. They were assuntarians as well. And I FELT SO OLD! I mean they are just one or two years younger than me. But ya. Don't know. Just felt old. Hahaha.

Fetched Esther home at about 12? And I reached home about 12 something close to one. So yes. Been sleeping late for the past 2 days. Yesterday was worse since I slept at 2! I mean, by the time I change, brush teeth, pee, shit, wash up. All that shit. It was already 1 something. Aih. So yea, by the time I slept. It was 2. Sigh. And woke up at 6 something. Ish. So now. Can't think. And super sleepy.

Oh well. Anyway. Back to work!

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