Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first Event!

And so, here I am at work, trying to figure out how to write this freaking emcee script. Maybe you guys can help me out on some words thingy. Alright. The event is my event that I've been planning ever since I got into MPH. Its the birthday bash for the club. The kidz one of cause.

And I made the theme Superhero! Well, cause the mascots are like dressed in superhero like outfits. And so it is.
So now, I want to make my event to seem like its a huge test to become a superhero or something like that. So I'm having activities like Wordsearch, spot the differences, word puzzle, a little Banana Milkshake hand puppet show demo, some painting thing and a game which I called it the Agility Test.
So, my freaking emcee script. I'm trying to think like. For Wordsearch is to test their eyesight? Spot the differences and word puzzle is the same time activity, test their um, intelligence and er memory? Banana's are good for you - contribute to their er strength? Painting thing - their creativity? Lolx. And the Agility test is super straightforward. So ya.

I don't know. HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What should I put?! Any suggestions? And oh...

My event is next week on a Saturday! How awesome is that? And I'm gonna be the emcee. How so not awesome is that. The event is going to be at.....Subang Parade. Wei Hua, don't come!!! Hahahaha. Doubt you will anyway. Oh well. Quite excited for the party but the sad part is that so far, there's only 12 sign up. I'm expecting 100 kids!!!!!! How to get 100 kids in 7 days?!?!?!?!
Oh! let me post the poster and also the program flow for you guys to have a look-see. ><

I guess it's a lil hard to see. But I THINK you can enlarge it by clicking on it? Get your lil cuzzies, bro and sisters to sign up! They'll get a RM10 voucher and a goodie bag! They register for the event, they will get ANOTHER GOODIE BAG!!!! Also, cupcakes and banana milkshake. How cool and awesome is that! Uh huh! Yea baby!

Lolx. Just get them to come!!!!! Subang Parade! Go! Go!

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