Thursday, June 10, 2010

I is like my EYES!

Thanks guys for commenting on the post instead of the chatbox. I can view it in office. Lalala. Oooh.
I'm wearing contacts now! I mean, they are just for fun. My eyesight is nearly perfect. So ya. But damn shit wei. Wearing it. It seems so blur. Seriously. Hahaha.

Still so not used to it. Lemme try to find a picture and show you how I look. If can see la. I just realized I have 1,705 pictures. And that is only when people tag me. Not including the ones in my albums. Gyayahahahhaha. And oh. Am really fat now. Seriously. Annie am fatter than yooooou! Hahahahhaha

K. Just took a few from fb. I look. Good. Hahahaha. Next am gonna get grey ones! And then Amethyst! Lolx!

I like this picture of me. I don't know bout Jac though. But she still looks fine

A close up! See. Am fat. Look at those double chin. SOb*

Yea, I do look good. hahahahah. But cant wear it everyday. I'll be like, why is everyone suddenly so good looking. Hahahahaha.

Oh no! My event is going to be on this Saturday. I shall post some pictures when I can. Ok? Shit. I don't think I want to emcee lo! And they are going to post it up on Youtube too! Just go check out Facebook or MPH's youtube or something. I guess you'll get to see me up there. Sob* But ok. I MIGHT post it here for all of your convenience. Hehe.

I hope I didn't forget anything or whatsoever. Aih. So freaky. Just one more day to go and then I'm done! For now! Hahahah. More events coming up. Aih. So tired!

Want to go on a holiday! When can I do that. My boss is going to Hong Kong next week for a week. So nice!

OH OH! And I have to plan a Hen's party for her too. Ya, out of nowhere the youngest have to plan a hen party. All of my colleagues are older than me. Of cus. Am the youngest. Sorta. There. Ya. They suddenly made me party manager. -.- Hahaha. But then its super hard to choose a place cause they dont want it to be too noisy too. Aih. So hard! Howla! We'll see la.

Still waiting for bf to come home. Oh! I love this picture of us! Lemme go search.

There ya go! Ok.I look fat here and kinda stupid. But I don't know. It's still nice. Hahahaha

Oh well. Anyway, I think I hear him! weeee~ Eat time!

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