Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Miss those times!

I've just finished my Emcee script. Liz is going to have a look at it.

So while I'm waiting and nothing much to do now. Replied emails and such. Was just browsing through some blogs. And was reading Annie's one.

Sigh* I really miss those times in UK. Most of the time when I was with Chelle and Annie. Love to go shopping with them. Cooking with them. Or more like FOR them. Or sometimes they will cook and I'll go online for them. AHahhahaha. Even though Chelle's studio was small, it was cosy and fun to be innit. And it was just us. No one else. All those times we hit ourselves cause of her bed or her table. Or ANYTHING la. So damn small place.

And how we will get drunk and start jumping up and down. Or when we go out and club. Take a cab. Trying to skip the line. Talking to bouncers. Push our way through for drinks at the bar. Getting guys to buy us drinks. Aahhahahaha. Dancing on the dance floor. Getting home drunk. Walk home from the club. Imagine. Us. Walking in heels. Home. Its like walking from shit. I don't even know from where to where. Lemme check Google Map. Ok. It is approx. 2.5 miles so its like 4km. Ceh. So near only ah. But it seems so far. Eh wait. 4km still quite far right?

Haha. Don't know la. I know that we sometimes lose our way and end up somewhere else. I don't know why we are not so scared over there. But ya.

Oh well. Really really miss those times in London. Want to go back there and have fun like that again. Walking home is good. Cause you'll get sober by the time you get home. And anyway, we wont have much money to buy drinks in the first place. Its like £3 - £6 a drink ya know! But of cus its still cheaper than Malaysia. I mean don't convert la. Aih.

Miss you guys la!


  1. lolwtf. "its like walking from shit"


  2. lol. 4km is like walking from my house to Assunta highschool and back!