Thursday, November 15, 2007

Freaking Answer Me!

I didn't go out yesterday. The whole day! So good girl ya me? The only time I went out was to go to work. Kevin called to go movie. Didn't wanna go. Was too lazy and also Simone is here. And also the first thing that came to my mind was to watch it with someone else. But fuck that. Hehe. At work, Dehressa, one of the apprentice pilates instructor. Said I should go home and rest, I look sick and my eyes like damn puffy. I am sick. Still feeling sick. My eyes puffy. From all that crying. Cause of my grandfather and something else. Can't believe I can actually cry about that. Fucking crybaby shit. I meant the something else.

The whole day I've been just sleeping, woke up a 12. Fetch Kimmy from school and Aaron from his friend's house. Went ta eat beef ball noodles near Steven's corner. Yum. So long never eat de. Tried to call Yee Hui to go for lunch. But that babi. Never answer my call. Came home. Online awhile. Then went ta bed to sleep some more. Woke up for work. Went ta work. Freaking blur. Then slept awhile too. Came home. Ate dinner. Online awhile. Slept at 10pm. And I just woke up now. Omg. Having headache from sleeping too much. But still like sleeping. Sigh. I wish I can just sleep forever. So I don't have to face reality and just dream. But dreams, not good. Have to face damn reality. Ladida~

What to do now. Mei, Julia and Kevin all went ta bed. No one to teman me now. Hmm..who will teman me now wan ah. Oh ya. No more de. Pissing me off. Why. I have no idea why am I feeling that way. I shall just forget about it and don't give a shit about it. Why bother right. Right. mmhmm. Shall not think so much about it. In a way. I can't. Don't know why. Just freaking answer me. Then I'll just fuck off. You know what. Don't care. Ya. Just don't care. Will not think about it. And now. I have to think who will go out with me to eat. Oh ya. Just remembered need to do assignment.

I think I shall maple till 7 in the morning. Buy nasi lemak. Eat. Play some more till afternoon. Then call yee hui for lunch. Ya k. Wake Simone also to go have lunch too. Maybe call "boyfriend" too. But "boyfriend" got girlfriend de. Stupid idiot. Advising me to just wait. Don't jump so fast in a relationship. When I didn't do that. And wanna get ta know first before "jumping". Look where it got me. Nothing. Hehe. Mmhmm. Anyway. Ya, go lunch. Then maybe go see Grandpa too. Hopefully won't cry. But I don't think I'll be able to do it. I will cry. No matter what. Ok. Then to work. This time do work. Don't sleep. After work. I think going clubbing. But feel so freaking lazy and I'm so freaking broke too. After clubbing, they say wanna go eat nasi lemak antarabangsa. Yum! More nasi lemak for me! >.< Ok, It all sounds like a plan. Mmhmm. See if all go as plan la k.

Reality sucks ass. *groans*

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