Friday, November 30, 2007


Just got back from the hospital. Grandpa is so skinny. *sigh* Next Thursday he has to go to putrajaya for some scanning thing.

Anyway. Gonna go for dinner at Bangsar with me boss and all the other staff. Which is actually only 7 of us? Supposed to go Westin Hotel to makan. But then they having something going on there. So another day.

Gonna start work at Vintry on Monday with Yee Hui. But she'll be working night shift and I, the afternoon. Since I still have my other job. So can't work night shift. There's a new Vintry at Jaya 33. It's in between Nagomi and Vietnam's Kitchen. Not working there. But working at the one near bangsar, behind Victoria's Station. Come look for me! Come drink wine~ Lolx. Or look for Yee Hui. Haha. So from next week. I guess I'll be super busy and tired. Two jobs! Hehe. But still can go out on Friday night and Saturday night! Hehe.

OK. Got to go get ready de. Need to shit also. Aish. Emo!

life will never be the same..

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