Monday, November 19, 2007


Went ac today. For dinner. Oh. I woke up at 7pm. Wanted to sleep longer some more. Hehe. Had dinner with Amelyn, Kimmy, my mum, Aunty Grace, Aunty Ann, Aunty Jane and Aunty Patty. Had crab, pasta, pizza, lala, see ham, oysters. Omg. Damn a lot of food. After all that food. Amelyn and Kimmy went ta foos. Too lazy to follow. And I was feeling extra sleepy after all that food. Sat there and stoned. Listen'd to Aunty Grace talk about her dates and stuff back in U.S. She sound so much more happening than me! Lolx. Oh well.

My grandfather accepted Christ today. My aunty went ta pray for him. He told my aunty that he made decision long time ago. Just that he didn't voice out till now. He wanted to do it too because he wants to be with us. He wants to see us again. I cried. The whole way to ac. I've been praying for years. For this to happened. And it finally did. I just feel so happy. >.<

Kimmy asked what's up with my eyes when I woke up. She thought I cried...

Been mapling~ Hehe. Julia and Yee Hui playing too! Damn funny wei they play. Hahaha. Yee Hui kept dying. Lolx. Super funny. *sigh* Lolx.

*sigh* *sigh*

Do you all want long long long long long post. Or short ones? Hehe. I damn lazy to blog long long. Cause I blog long long. All crappy. Hehe. Aish. I go play play now la. So lazy~

It's so different..

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