Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kimmy was Robbed.

Seriously. What a day. For one. I didn't sleep after the dim sum session as you'll read or read from mei's blog. I really miss the whole Mi8. Like what the heck seriously. Our whole damn friendship is like so....freaking..argh. Whatever la. Anyway. There's so much to blog. Just so damn lazy. And the fact that I'm freaking sleepy and super tired!

Ok. My cousin and aunty from the states are back. They came back to see my grandfather. I shall not post too much on this subject. Just that i cried so much plus my eyes were so puffy. I couldn't drive. Then I just didn't go ta work tonight. Couldn't stand it. Came home. Went straight ta bed.

Next thing. Was having such a good rest. There were so many phone calls. Then somehow..I felt like there was something wrong. So I just answered the next phone call. Whoever it was. Cause I had like so many phone calls from so many different number. Kept seeing different names. Anyway. Answered Raymond's call. He was like
"Amanda, wake up." "Why...I wanna sleep. Don't disturb me!" "Your sister just got robbed. Go take her do report" "Don't lie la Raymond" "I'm serious la!"
When I heard him say that. I knew he wasn't lying. So. I called Michelle's phone. Cause Raymond said she was with her. Called her. She was gonna cry on the phone. And the grumpy in me..for waking me up. I scolded her and instantly regretted.
She just got rob. And I was scolding her. She was crying de. I asked her what happened.'s what happened.

She drove to Michelle's place in OUG near Stevens Corner. Kimmy parked at the alleyway right next to Michelle's house. She got down the car. Went to the gate. She saw that the gate was different from Mich's house. Before that she called her and told her that she was outside her house. But after finding out she was at the wrong lorong. She called Michelle's phone and told her she got the wrong house and will be there in a minute. While walking back to the car. A motorbike stopped right behind her.
The guy got down from the bike and he was holding a knife. He asked her to give her bag to him. She threw the bag at him and slowly walked behind the car. He bend down to check her bag. *my ripcurl bag* Then the other guy on the bike was like. "Let's go". They took her beg and went off. She quickly drove the Michelle's house and called me.

So there. Freaking scary. The lucky thing is..she didn't get raped or slashed or what-so-ever. And she was holding the car keys. Thank God.
So, I got up. She told me not to tell my parents. But of course I told her. That is so not possible. Went to tell my mum. She started yelling. Called my dad to cut the line. He started scolding. Ya. I get the shitz. Anyway, called Mei to help me drive the car home. Went to pick her up.

Took her to report at the police station along old klang road. Did the report and had to go to Brickfields for I have no fucking reason why. Then went back. I asked Yee hui to follow. Cause I wasn't so sure where was the police station in Brickfields.

Then went to Kayu to meet up with Raymond, Amelyn and Mei. CAuse I needed to eat. hehe. Simone followed also. Oh..simone is my cousin. Yee hui followed too. Then Ryan came too. *sigh*
Feeling so tired now. Drove the whole time.

Thank God that kimmy is safe. But I still feel like scolding her. Like wtf wei! She's having SPM and she's still going out. Dumbass. Sigh. Nothing to say. Her SPM slip is gone also. I have to take her to do her ic and driver's license. Aish. This is what you get for being the eldest. Sigh.


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