Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To miss or not to miss

FInished playing mahjong an hour ago. Now waiting for MsSuperSlowBatherMei to finish bathing. Damn hungry. Gonna have dim sum after she's done. Pei Wen sleeping on the sofa. Oh. They are in my house. Plus Esther too. It's like 7am now. Feel like bathing too. SHould have just now.

Anyway. Life's been really quiet lately. Ever since Saturday. Well, not really la. More like my phone's been really quiet now. Lolx.

My cousin Simone. She'll be back this afternoon. Can't wait to see her. And to catch up on things. But she'll be here for only 10 days. Can't stay for long. But their reason to be here is because of grandpa. So ya.

Love listening to my blog's songs. Gives me motivation to blog. Lolx. But makes me freaking emo. Hehe. Yesterday, got a message from that idiot. Then called him cause I did something stupid. Lolx. Not my fault! Anyway, I actually miss talking to him. He and his shits. The songs ain't helping either. Lolx. Omg. It's playing miss you now. What nice timing~ Not! Aish. Hehe.

Just can't wait for Christmas now. After Christmas. New Year! After New Year, my BIRTHDAY! Hehe. Not only that. Cause of something else la ok. Ya. Ya. HEhe. Anyway, ya, my birthday. Oh noz. I seriously have no idea what to do. *sob*

It feels weird. I don't get the daily thing de. I mean. Ya. When I wake up. Before I sleep. I will always receive it. But no more now. I don't know if I should ask what's wrong. If I should find out what's wrong. I mean. I don't know. What to do. Just forget it? I mean. Already said de. So I guess I should do the same too? Ya.

Stupid Mei. She was like...Amanda~ You can't be single like during Christmas season. Christmas is like the most romantic season of the year. Valentines Day is so overrated. You have to celebrate with someone special!
-.-' . . . *swt*
Then I was thinking. Mei..you're the one who spends every Christmas single. And she telling me all that. Babiness.
So..who wants to be that special someone? *wink*

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