Friday, November 30, 2007


no mood for anything right now. every single thing is pissing me off. highlight of the week. visited grandpa. and will visit every single day. it's nice to see him getting better. but. just found out yesterday. he has cancer. 3rd stage. can't cure. yea. he might just go anytime. skipped work today to visit him. the whole time. talked with him and laughed with him. when he wasn't looking. i tear. when i just walked in. i could see tears in his eyes. i feel so guilty for not going to see him.
he told us some jokes. freaking funny. then he said he has so many hospital stories to tell us. and he said when he gets out. he'll tell us all about it. he even said that when he leaves the hospital. he's gonna write a book on hospitals. i wish that will happen. it will. bah.

the pastor said that grandpa is actually ready to go to God. his name is already in the Book. he knows it his time to go. it's just that his children are not ready to let him go.

i just want him to stay on till after christmas. to celebrate christmas as a christian for the first time.

fucking no mood.

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