Saturday, November 17, 2007


Like this picture. We are like so cute. Er..except kevin. So not cute. Haha. Look at me. Red as usual. After an outing to Laundry. This was like last week? Ya. I think so. Don't remember. Ya last week. Oh well.

My plans for yesterday. Er. For Thursday. Didn't go as planned. Wait. Let me go read it again. OK..I did maple a bit. Then went for breakfast with Yee Hui and Simone. After breakfast. went back and maple some more. Slept for an hour. Woke up to fetch Kelly ta school. ON the way, fetched Aunty Grace *simone's mum* to JPJ to renew her license. Then drop kelly at school. Dropped Yee Hui to help me pay my saman. Fetched Esther from her house. Fetched Yee Hui from state pj. Then went ta fetch Mei from her house and back to pj to fetch Aunty Grace. Then only got to go home. Waited for Amelyn to get back from college so we can go together for lunch and also go shopping at bangsar.

Got to bangsar at around 3. Got a call from Ric to go Gardens. Couldn't go la! Stupid Ric. Hehe. Anyway. Ya. Went ta Nirvana's to eat banana leaf rice. Yum! But the rice not so nice. So sticky and clumpy. Went shopping. Was too lazy to look at all the clothes. So just sat down and watch damn try on clothes. If I try anything. I might want to get something. So. Dangerous. Ya. Then, went home then straight to work. Tried to do some work. But found out. Someone took my paperwork that I printed out. Couldn't do anything then. Lazy to print another one. Cause Don't know where I stopped checking till. Babiness. When I actually wanna do some work. The paper is gone. Aish.

Got home. Oh. Hahaha. I was damn tired at work. I mean. I've been fetching people all day. And went shopping too. So. Lolx. My phone was running out of batt. And I didn't want anyone to disturb me. Cause wanted to just lock myself in and sleep. I diverted all my calls to Mei's phone. Hahahaha. Pity Mei. SHe had all my calls. Whahahahahahahahha. Lolx. Anyway. Just reached home when my mum said we going pasar malam. I was like. oK. Fine. I didn't even have the time to have my dinner. So fine. Woke Mei up. Me, Amelyn, Mei, Simone, my mum and Aunty Grace went ta ss2 pasar malam. Couldn't enjoy my pasar malam time. Cause everyone started calling. About if going clubbing. Then had to arrange transport and shit. And as usual. I gotta drive. No biggie. After everything settled de. Had honey dew lo lo! Yumz~
So. My dinner. Oh. And Mei's dinner was honey dew lo. And we shared~! Wah. Got home. Had to get ready for clubbing de. It was already 10 something and I had to fetch a bunch of people. Sadness~

Fetched Kevin. Had ta wait for him like damn long! Freaking burmese bitch. Hehe. Still love you kevin~! *maybe* Then ta Esther's and Pei Wen. Got them. Went ta Mei's. Cause she needed to change. Wait for her also like damn long. Then zoomed off ta Maison. Reached there like 1am? Ya. Well. Won't go into details about my night. Because. Well. I don't remember shitz. >.<
But I did remember bits of everything. Like when I hit Kevin. Like freaking loud. HAhahaha. Sorry Kev! Really sorry! Didn't mean to. And for carrying me to my car. And for shouting at you. And for asking you to shut the fuck up. But I always ask you to shut up. So. Don't have to say sorry for that. Haha.

Why did I drink so much and got so piss'd drunk? Hmm..from all the emoness I had this whole week ever since that dreaded Saturday. And also. I kept drinking every glass that was offered to me. And I didn't feel anything at first. Then suddenly everything kicked in. And *poof*. Im gone.

Don't remember going ta nasi lemak antarabangsa. So wasted! My nasi lemak. Which I puked it out too. All I remember are roads. Cause kept puking. Got home. Showered. And just knocked out. Oh. Before knocking out. Mei gave me this damn nasty drink. Ugh. Then just knocked out. In the morning. Woke up to puke. Felt damn dizzy. Couldn't sleep properly cause stupid Mei took my pillow! Oh. I need to sleep with 3 pillows. Hehe. Two at the side and one for my head of cuz. Hehe. Aish. K. I getting damn lazy to blog de. Basically. The whole day today. I was sleeping. So ya.
When I get the pics from esther. I'll upload a few here. maybe. Hehe.

Anyway. It's getting late. Or early. Whichever whatever. Wanna maple awhile. Then maybe go buy nasi lemak too. *gonna get sooooo fat from all this nasi lemakness* Sleep awhile. And gotta get up ta fetch my stupid brother for drums. Argh* K. Gone.

Regret...Killing me.

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